Wembley sees a draw between England and Spain

Friendly match? Not really…

There is no treaty of friendship applicable to Wembley. Spain received the confirmation in a match bravo, end on many occasions, played to the limit of the physical and of the law. A fight for reputation without another thing to be distributed. The good thing about duels without points is that in place of trauma leave teaching. The Wembley is the clinical trial, a defense with three central, though two of them (Azpilicueta and Nacho) with speed side, it comes down to an opponent armed with rockets.

In the best set possible and before an enemy of the first row, of those who carry authority in case of victory, England were asked, where the hell has been in the last fifty years. In that half a century few times he played against Spain, with fierceness, method, knowledge of the opponent and hunger. It was a pain in the butt, even when he lost to Lallana, who occupies the role hierarchy that has begun to get off Rooney.

Spain came into the match of buttocks. A kick criminal Vardy to Azpilicueta, in which the referee looked the other side, warned the Selection of that there were going to burn a lot of calories. Soon after, he saw beneath the marker when Vardy found him in the back, Íñigo Martinez and Reina had to send him to the ground. Goal by Lallana and the beginning of an ordeal.

Understood by Lopetegui, who had parted with Carvajal and Vitolo as a side of long-range and a lag of three with Azpilicueta, Íñigo Martinez and Nacho. He returned to the defense of four before the first fall to the canvas.

At a disadvantage against an adversary overexcited Spain was not in arms who lie down in. Southgate is assured to catch Thiago and Busquets and took the drive to The Red. There was no news of Silva or Mata. And even less of Aduriz, who had been promised to another thing when he enlisted.