Brazilian player gets three teammates injured

The captain of Udinese, Danilo Larangeira, he lost his papers during the last training, and injured three fellow with violent inputs, sources confirmed to the club of Friuli. “We expect you to apologize, it’s the least you can do,” said the sporting director, Nereo Bonato, nothing more to advance the financial penalty to the brazilian footballer.According to the Italian press Danilo, who plays as a central defender, made a series of harsh inputs during the training and injured Ali Adnan, Adalberto Peñaranda and Francesco Lodi. The three had to be treated by doctors.The altercations in the session, born after a discussion between Danilo and Lodi, was forced to stop two times in the friendly match between the disciples of Gigi del Neri. In fact, the coach of Udinese should send the shower to your captain before the end of the training.

A conflictive player

Danilo, a 32-year-old arrived at Udinese in 2011 from Palmeiras. This is not the first time that starred a behavior controversial. When I played in Brazil was accused of insulting in a racist manner a rival of Atletico Paranaense.The incident adds to the atmosphere of nerves that live in the club chaired by Giampaolo Pozzo, the fifteenth in the table in Serie A, with eight points still margin on the downhill. The irregular performance of the team resulted in two draws (Torino and Genoa) and a defeat (Naples) in the last three days.

Without a doubt, this man enters directly in the list of the players most hated in the world for his violence. The weird thing is that the has exercised against members of their own team, as it is anger and aggression tends to be projected against the adversaries on the field of play, not in training. Who wouldn’t like to be in a place where you can get hit by your supposed friends?

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