Brazil, virtually qualified for 2018 World Cup

The stars, right on track

Gabriel Jesus, Coutinho and Neymar are still in tune and were instrumental in breaking the hard mark peruvian armed by Gareca, which was difficult and much of the life of the Barcelona striker who had a game more discreet than normal and came out in white for the first time since the arrival of the new coach.

The game started at high speed and with a Peru bold, attacking without fear of Canarinhá. Cave, Guerrero and Carrillo had been long threatened their walls and torn. Carrillo finished off a ball to Cueva and almost scored on a couple of occasions. But Brazil knew how to defend themselves and have patience to wait for his moment, which came not until the 57 minutes of the second part.

Renato Augusto tore down the right wing and centered to Coutinho who tried to the end. The ball slipped in the peruvian defense and ended up lost in the brand from the spot where Gabriel Jesus was only marking. The forward of Palmeiras dominated, he raised his head, he chose the side, and ended with a bomb. No chance to Gallese.

Peru went on the attack with urgency. Bitter the eighth position with 14 points and a draw not helped him in his mission to reach Russia 2018. But he paid for a mistake from their defence out with the ball in the minute 78, Gabriel Jesus took advantage. The front dominated from the left and played for Renato Augusto who, within the area, finished off satin to the right of Gallese.