New Balance will dress Athletic Club Bilbao

Another prestigious club

In their eagerness to explore new dimensions of market New Balance landed in the football world in 2012 with its subsidiary Warrior, also with headquarters in the united States, and gave the final step in the summer of 2015. Then it was the parent brand and took on the contracts of Warriors and teams of renowned prestige such as Liverpool, Celtic, Porto, Seville and Lille were the first to sport the logo of the N and the B in Europe. All of them will be wearing New Balance also the next course and it is possible that the Celtic one, as the Athletic, to the group.

The american multinational, which saw the light in 1906, has reached agreements with various players in recent times. In this way, names like Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo, Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey, Marouane Fallaini or Vincent Kompany are related to the brand. In the Athletic only Mikel San Jose, who even a few months ago, went to the opening ceremony of the store that New Balance has in a central street of Bilbao, is sponsored by the brand, although it is possible that following the agreement reached between the club and the multinational are several players who follow in their footsteps.

Boycott in the U.S.A.

Several days after Donald Trump won the presidential elections in the united States, New Balance was the victim of a boycott, or at least an attempt to do so, as a result of the words of one of the directors of the company, who said that “the Obama Administration made us deaf ears and, frankly, with the president-elect Trump believe that things are going to move forward in the right direction.” That comment is not liked to a part of american society and there were many who showed their discomfort for it. To the point that they used social networks to try to viralise the burning of the shoes of the brand. The company came out fast in his defense and noted that “as the only major company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the United States, New Balance has a unique perspective on the trade in the that we want to do more shoes in the united states, not less.”