Marc Bartra writes a letter after Manchester bombing

An emotional letter

“In what world do we live? What is going on around us? I get frustrated not knowing what to do for all of this to finishes once and let us live in peace. What is going on in many corners of the world saddens me very much and I find difficult to understand and accept it. But life goes on and you have to try to be positive, to be better people and to live each moment accordinglyas it deserves; and to enjoy and to love, vivivr, feel and go for what we really believe and love. At least that’s what I do every time with more furezas I always remember the last things that I have lived and the good that is still left for me to live.”

Bartra was an impressive young defender from FC Barcelona, but after some years without getting the opportunities he thought he deserved, he left for the German League. Borussia Dortmund is a great place for youngsters to develop their game. We have seen many examples of that, such as Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus or Mario Götze, amongst many others. Hopefully, he can fulfill his potential very soon and show what he has to offer.