Atlético players who said no to Real Madrid

Or recorded to a fire, or a covenant of blood, but what is certain is that since the year 2000, no player of the first team of Atletico has signed for Real Madrid. The last one was Santiago Solari with Lorenzo Sanz to consume his last days as president. Since that time, the 3.6 million euros that paid the entity madrid, have gone down in history as the last transfer made from Concha Espina at the Vicente Calderon. Jesus Gil, the king of porn in Marbella, spoke of betrayal, and since the Real Madrid of a clause that released the argentine with the decline in the Athletic to the Second division.Florentino Perez came to the presidency a few weeks later that same summer, and the transfer direction south-north of the capital of Spain is ended.

There have been several players that have been in the spotlight, but that so-called ‘treaty of non-aggression’ has prevented the change of stickers between Atletico and Real Madrid, a circumstance that itself has been produced in the reverse route by Jury as the only protagonist and with Kings special guest for that pass from one computer to another, but remain the property of the Arsenal.The non-aggression pact back in fashion by the statements of Griezmann in the who claims that will not be able to play in Real Madrid, but what is certain is that that agreement is not written is in the environment, what have been spoken, but that does not mean that you will not have negotiated a possible transfer in both directions.

  • Forlán

Forlan came to receive the other when in the winter market 2011, Real Madrid was looking for a reinforcement at the tip of attack, and wondered at the Calderon. The uruguayan came to have the yes red and white in the pocket to change of 18 million euros, but Miguel Angel Gil what he thought best and did not accept the transfer. The white club ended up recruiting Adebayor.

  • Agüero

History repeats itself in the summer of 2011, with Aguero as the main character. The striker had the promise of facilitating his departure from atletico in exchange for 45 million euros, but Gil Marin refuses to give the ok to his exit toward the Paseo de la Castellana, despite the fact that the argentine had a deal with Real Madrid after keeping of different meetings. Ends signed by Manchester City for 41 million euros.

  • Courtois

Courtois has always been to the liking of Florentino Perez, but the presence of Atletico Madrid did not facilitate the possible arrival of the belgian at the Bernabeu. Three transfers are distinct and have a hard returning to the Chelsea closed the door of a player considered vital by Miguel Angel Gil and the one who fought for you not to wear white. Now they say they don’t want to renew thinking in the Real Madrid.

  • Griezmann

In the case of Griezmann responds more to the profile of the player to a real interest in the franchise, red and white. If there is any doubt, the French have been the one who has reminded everyone of the existence of this covenant of respect or fear, depending how you look.

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