Erotic myths in the world of sport

Sex has always been surrounded by myths and truths that have been confirmed or denied throughout history, as in the world of sport, but are there erotic myths within sport? This is something that is still under study and there are still myths and truths to be explored in the world of sport.

The most widespread myths about eroticism and sex actually construct a paradox that further entangles the issue, because it is the belief that sexual relations before a competition, diminish the performance of the athlete, along with the belief that the practice of sports improves sexual performance, something complicated? Well, it needs to be analyzed because watching video porno mrpornogratis can’t be harmful. I can assure that!

No sex before a competition?

For a long time, coaches around the world have banned their athletes from having sex before any competition, something that, without being scientifically confirmed, is still true today in the philosophy of many coaches.

In an interview with the famous Boxer Mohamed Ali, it was confirmed that he practiced sexual abstinence 6 weeks before each fight or important tournament, and really performed in the ring, however, it is not confirmed that abstinence adds performance to the skill of an athlete. Conversely, athletes who have reached first place in competitions, have confirmed that days before, or even the day of the competition had sexual encounters, something that for nothing rest performance.

A notorious case is that of the 1974 World Cup, when Dutch national team coach Rinus Michels allowed his players to bring their partners to his room, something that caused controversy and a dispute over who they were for and against. Actually, it was confirmed that the Dutch section had a sublime game.

Does sport improve sex?

It is a well known belief that all athletes have a high libido, something that in many cases can be the opposite, because for those who live immersed in sport, physical overexertion decreases sexual performance.

But, it must be confirmed that the practice of any physical activity brings many benefits for health in all its expression, including the sexual sphere, because having greater endurance and physical strength, sexual performance can increase greatly.

Does this mean athletes are the best in bed? No, what it means is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle improves sexual performance, since there are people who, without doing sports, do activities that prepare them to perform very well in a sexual encounter, without the need to be sportsmen.

Just like athletes, many people are very good in bed without the need to practice any discipline, and on the contrary, there are athletes who, because of the demands of their training and physical wear and tear, do not perform in bed as well as they do in the field, the court, the pool, or the ring.