Atlético players who said no to Real Madrid

Or recorded to a fire, or a covenant of blood, but what is certain is that since the year 2000, no player of the first team of Atletico has signed for Real Madrid. The last one was Santiago Solari with Lorenzo Sanz to consume his last days as president. Since that time, the 3.6 million euros that paid the entity madrid, have gone down in history as the last transfer made from Concha Espina at the Vicente Calderon. Jesus Gil, the king of porn in Marbella, spoke of betrayal, and since the Real Madrid of a clause that released the argentine with the decline in the Athletic to the Second division.Florentino Perez came to the presidency a few weeks later that same summer, and the transfer direction south-north of the capital of Spain is ended.

There have been several players that have been in the spotlight, but that so-called ‘treaty of non-aggression’ has prevented the change of stickers between Atletico and Real Madrid, a circumstance that itself has been produced in the reverse route by Jury as the only protagonist and with Kings special guest for that pass from one computer to another, but remain the property of the Arsenal.The non-aggression pact back in fashion by the statements of Griezmann in the who claims that will not be able to play in Real Madrid, but what is certain is that that agreement is not written is in the environment, what have been spoken, but that does not mean that you will not have negotiated a possible transfer in both directions.

Brazilian player gets three teammates injured

The captain of Udinese, Danilo Larangeira, he lost his papers during the last training, and injured three fellow with violent inputs, sources confirmed to the club of Friuli. “We expect you to apologize, it’s the least you can do,” said the sporting director, Nereo Bonato, nothing more to advance the financial penalty to the brazilian footballer.According to the Italian press Danilo, who plays as a central defender, made a series of harsh inputs during the training and injured Ali Adnan, Adalberto Peñaranda and Francesco Lodi. The three had to be treated by doctors.The altercations in the session, born after a discussion between Danilo and Lodi, was forced to stop two times in the friendly match between the disciples of Gigi del Neri. In fact, the coach of Udinese should send the shower to your captain before the end of the training.

Wembley sees a draw between England and Spain

It was a game with two perspectives, but not as fun as xvideos, Spain averted by a miracle him a slap in Wembley. England and debutant Iago Aspas took that as an opportunity. The rest of the Selection, for too long, almost like a nuisance. The attitude is what was determined at the meeting. England understood the party as a point at which support its reconstruction, the beginning of a new era. Spain, as the less noble of the week FIFA, even though the final charge, led by the pretender and the company of reservists, would help him to get out of the trance.

Aspas started it all. The first thing that you will remember from his debut is the second goal, which seemed to give shelve the case. The last six minutes of xnxx fury, a collective of a team that went to his bugle call to save his good name.

Brazil, virtually qualified for 2018 World Cup

With goals from Gabriel, Jesus and Renato Augusto, the canarinha has achieved a difficult victory on Tuesday in Lima (0-2), and already his 27 points in the leadership of the south american qualifiers. The defeat of Uruguay, in Chile (1-3) makes the pentacampeona take a four-point advantage over the second placed.

The numbers of Tite in only four months in command of the brazilian team because they are historical. Six wins in six matches, 17 goals scored and only one conceded. It is only the second time in history that the Seleção achieved six victories in a row in playoffs, equaling the legendary generation of Pelé, Rivellino, Tostao and Gérson that achieved the same numbers prior to winning the World cup of 1970 in Mexico.

Manchester United fails to win in Turkey

Squeezed in the final straight to Manchester United, a moment in which he enjoyed his best version in the game. Failed to neutralize the 1-0 because the shock with a brawl between players, the more pending fight to the ball xfreeporno xxx. With the mood, more calm, started the second half with the team of Mourinho dump to the attack.

However, another work of art ended up sinking to the red devils. Ibrahimovic committed a fault producer of impotence in the front area and Lens, with a refined technique, scored a direct free a goal against De Gea could only make the statue (59’). The 2-0 punished again the United, unhinged after seeing that day after day the challenges and the illusion are more distant.

Aduriz scores 5 goals in a Europa League match

Aduriz, 5 – Genk, 3. This could be the summary of the meeting that kept alive the team of Ernesto Valverde in the Europa League. The veteran striker scored the five goals of the Athletic, three of them from the penalty spot, in a new exhibition of his murderousness.

It was a great night for Aduriz but the Athletic suffered more than what might arise from the end marker to beat a Genk that was behind but always managed to get into the game. And is that the capacity goal of Aduriz contrasted with the fragility  of the defensive team of Valverde, who showed two opposite faces and could only sing victory with 5-3, already in injury time.

Some great players might be coming to MLS

Growth at the margin, which is obvious, Major League Soccer continues to be a foster home very well regarded by the players that day were great but that, suddenly, they happen to live days of less glory. The more recent cases of two cracks in the ostracism, total, and that could end up in the united States, are Bastian Schweinsteiger and Yaya Toure. They will not do a chat erotico, as they say in Spanish, they still have the hunger to compete.

Both in the Premier League, and invisible to their coaches of Manchester United and Manchester City, could make the bags and heading to the MLS if there is another great offer that they hold in Europe. What seems clear is that, bearing in mind that not even enter into the lists of summoned, they will not go a long time under the orders of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.

Best signings in MLS this season

Each year the clubs of the MLS reinforce their campuses with different methods of analysis and recruitment. There is no exact formula that will ensure that the player signed will perform according to expectations. The warranty is even more speculative and less certain when the player in question comes from outside, that is to say, who has not played in the MLS.

It is clear that the performance of the player once in the club will also depend on a number of factors, in how the team puts the tools available to the player so that they can develop to their fullest potential in soccer.